Article in Malaysian Applied Biology

Last semester, Dr Zubaid gave the keynote address at UPM regarding the activities of the bat group at the local, regional and international levels. A number of people were impressed and said that it could be used as a model for forming groups to study other animal groups. As a consequence, the editorial board of the journal Malaysian Applied Biology asked us to put together a review of our activities. With help from Julie and Ain, we got something together for the December issue.

Kingston, T.Juliana, S., Nurul-Ain, E., Hashim, R. & Zubaid, A (2012). The Malaysian Bat Conservation Research Unit: From a national model to an international network. Malaysian Applied Biology, 41(2): 1–10. 

The article can be found on my Researchgate page.

Functional Ecology paper now in print

This article looking at the role of broadband FM sweeps used by bats that forage in dense clutter came out online in July, but is now in print in the October issue of FE.

Schmieder, D., Kingston, T., Rosli, H., & Siemers, B. (2012). Sensory constraints on prey detection performance in an ensemble of vespertilionid understorey rainforest bats (Kerivoulinae, Murininae). Functional Ecology 26: 1043-1053. DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2435.2012.02024.x

There is a video for the “lay audience” that explains the work here