Prospective Graduate Students

I am always interested to hear from prospective graduate students, but here is what I expect:

1). First, if you are interested in joining my lab I expect you to be familiar with my research, and be able to tell me why it interests you.

2). Nearly all my students will spend substantial amounts of time conducting rigorous fieldwork in SE Asia or Africa. Therefore you need to be adaptable to different cultures and climates, and physically able

3). I expect a measure of independence and initiative. My role is to guide you through your scientific development, not tell you what to do.

4). An interest in bats is obviously essential although experience is not necessary, but is highly desirable.

Application procedures:

1. Email me a Curriculum Vitae (résumé) and be sure to include:

  • statement of your research interests
  • statement of your career plans/goals
  • academic and professional accomplishments (degrees, GPA, GRE scores, awards, fellowships, publications, grants, presentations at professional meetings, jobs)
  • summary of your past research experiences
  • names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of 3 references

2. I will then contact you for discussion – it is very important that there is a good match between student and advisor,

3. If it seems like the lab would be a good fit for you and vice versa, you should review the information and guidance provided by the Department of Biological Sciences  before applying to the Graduate School. 

4. International students. I am very happy to work with international students currently conducting bat research in their home countries, particularly if they have already completed a masters-level degree. I would suggest exploring possible funding opportunities from your home country e.g. government scholarships, or with the US’s Fulbright Commission, as this can reduce your reliance on Teaching Assistantships and allow you to focus on coursework and research.

Application deadlines are typically 3 months before the start date for domestic applicants, but for international students applications need to be by Jan 15th for a Fall Start, and June 15th for Spring. Bear in mind you will need to have your TOEFL/IELTS (international students) and GRE scores (everyone) ready for your application, so things can move quite slowly.

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