Tigga Kingston — PI of the lab, is originally from the UK. Her work focuses on bat conservation ecology in Southeast Asia.

Benneth Obitte is a PhD student from Nigeria. His research quantifies the extent of bat hunting, and the ecological and ecosystems consequences of hunting in SE Nigeria.

Isham Azhar is a PhD student from Malaysia. He is exploring the community processes driving the break up of bat assemblages along a habitat degradation gradient in Malaysia. 

Md Ashraf Ul Hasan is PhD student from Bangladesh. He will be exploring the species composition, diversity patterns and habitat interaction of bats in a fragmented landscape in Bangladesh.    

Abby Rutrough is a PhD student from the USA. She is interested in the spatial integration of human ecology and threats to bat diversity across scales. 

Touseef Ahmed is a PhD Student from Pakistan. He is studying the relationship between environmental extremes, land use, and zoonotic disease emergence.

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