NASBR 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tigga, Marina and Maria had a great time at NASBR during the last week of October. Tigga gave a talk entitled “The Role of Extreme Bandwidths in Frequency-modulated Echolocation Calls: A Tribute to Björn Siemers” in the acoustics session, which also featured a paper that Maria was a co-author on “Acoustic Behavior at Roosts of Two Distantly Related Disc-Winged Bats” (speaker was Karina Montero), and Marina’s poster “Comparing Three Bat Acoustic Sampling Methodologies for Large-scale Surveys” was very well received. Liz Siles from the Baker lab presented an oral paper in the student award section”New Insights on the Phylogenetic Diversity within the Genus Micronycteris (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)” (so had 15 whole minutes!!).

Tigga went on a slightly disappointing quest one evening to see Noctilio up close  – it rained :0( – and I’m really sorry but Eptesicus fuscus just isn’t much of a substitute. However it was interesting to learn about the NOCTILIO project – an education research initiative. Keep up the great work!

The next meeting is combined with IBRC and is in Costa Rica (hurray!– Maria as to find me an Ectophylla alba – I still haven’t seen one).