Past Lab Members

Former Graduate Students

Dr Marina Fisher-Phelps, graduated with her PhD Summer 2017. “Modeling Southeast Asian bat distributions: assessing the effect of ecology and spatial biases on model accuracy”.  Marina went on to do a post doc at Northern Arizona University, before joining the National Audubon Society as a Development Associate.

Dr Kendra Phelps, graduated with her PhD Summer 2016. “The responses of Cave-Roosting Bats to Complex Environmental Gradients: An Assessment across Assemblage, Species and Population Levels”. Kendra is now at EcoHealth Alliance, working as the Field Scientist for the Western Asian Bat Research Network.

Dr Nurul Ain Elias, graduated with her PhD Fall 2015. The influence of roosting ecology and insect resources on the reproductive phenology of Malaysian rainforest insectivorous bats”.  Now faculty at University Sains Malaysia. 

Dr Joe Chun-Chia Huang, graduated with his PhD Fall 2015, “Diversity and conservation of bats in a coffee-forest landscape in Sumatra, Indonesia.” Now a postdoc at Academia Sinica, Taipei.

Dr Juliana Senawi, graduated with her PhD Spring 2015. “The Relationship between Morphology and Ecological Performance in Malaysian Insectivorous Bats.” now at LESTARI, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia. 

Nicholas Goforth, graduated with a Masters, Summer 2015. Co-supervised with Dr Robin Verble. “Short-term effects of wildfire on bat activity on the Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico”

Former Post Docs

Dr Maria Sagot was with the lab as a teaching postdoc (Fall 2012 – Spring 2014). She is currently an Assistant Professor at SUNY-Oswego.