Isham Azhar

My fascination with bats developed from the first bat survey that I participated in as an undergraduate, where I was introduced to my first pteropodid and insectivorous bats. The plethora of bat diversity and the services they provide to ecosystems were influential in shaping my interest in bat research. Previously, I worked on the phylogeny and morphological variation of bamboo bats in Malaysia for my undergraduate research project. For my master’s degree, I looked at host specificity of bat flies in Malaysia. Working with bat parasites proved to be challenging and at the same time meaningful as it led to my interest in bat ecology. Over the years, I have been involved in numerous bat surveys across Malaysia. What intrigues me most are factors influencing species occurrence. This has shaped my interest in exploring the mechanisms structuring bat assemblage along a habitat degradation gradient.

Isham hard at work in the forests of Malaysia