EEB Seminar & SEJ

A busy week for the lab — Maria gave an excellent presentation to the TTU Ecology Behavior and Evolution seminar series on Wednesday entitled “Understanding Ecological Effects on Social Behavior: Insights From Tent-roosting Bats”.  A summary of her PhD research which exemplified the integration of ecology, behavior and genetic approaches at levels that ranged from social groups to the entire phylogeny. Didn’t hurt that she had Ectophylla alba photos!

Tigga, Marina and Kaitlan had fun on the trip with the Society of Environmental Journalists down to Carlsbad Caverns, and Tigga was then a speaker at the Lunch round-table session on Thursday, leading a discussion on “Bats and humans – is there a future?”

Tigga, Maria and Marina are off to Puerto Rico for the NASBR next week.

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